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About Adwait Investments

Expert Financial and Investment Consultants

Adwait Investments is a group of experienced Chartered Accountants who help in portfolio balancing. We are experts in the field of stock market, SIP, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Real Estate, Subsidy and Finance. Our services:

1. Indian Infoline Limited registered sub broker - DMAT account, SIP, Mutual Fund, Investment advisory

2. Debt Finance - DSA with leading banks and NBFCs. Preparation of DPR and other required documents.

3. Equity Finance - Secure funding from leading venture capitals and other private investors.

4. Real Estate - Purchase properties at discounted price from builders, purchase properties through auction, purchase NCLT/Bank NPA properties

Financial District


Don’t Take My Word for It

Analysis of stock market and their daily reports are their USP's. They have helped us in balancing our portfolio with right investments in every sector.

Rohan Joshi

They helped us secure finance from a nationalised bank. The process was very smooth. They prepared all the required documents and guided us throughout the process.

M/S Shri Ram Alliance

We bought an apartment at price 10% lower than quoted and sold by builder. Even possession was given within a month. Amazing Service .

Narang Desai, NRI Investor


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